Best Home Defense Tactics: Be Prepared to Defend Your Home from Attackers

Your home is a haven, a place where you may feel secure and where your family can grow in peace and harmony. This is not to say that you will not be forced to defend your happy spot from numerous visitors who do not respect the sanctity of your own home. This is where the concept of home defense demonstrates its worth. Are you prepared to defend your most prized possessions against intruders and perpetrators?

You always hear on the nightly news about someone breaking into another person’s home with the aim to steal. They entered the house through an unlocked door or window that the owners had left unlocked and took their possessions. These are really some of the most pleasant interruptions, with the bad ones resulting in injury or, in the worst-case scenario, death. The majority of people watch the film, feel pity for the owners for about 30 seconds, and then click on to the next channel, assuming that such a horrific thing could never happen to them.

Nobody likes to wake up in the middle of the night to find a stranger standing by their bed, brandishing a pistol and demanding money and other valuables. This is a horrific experience, and if you are unprepared, it may have a lasting impact on your life.

Doors and locks are our best line of protection against intruders and, in the majority of situations, they work. Nonetheless, there are instances where burglars break a door or a window and enter the property, frightening the owners. Thus, having a door and locks on it is not always sufficient; you must also be familiar with a few home defense strategies in order to safely extract yourself and your family.

Safeguard your Home

According to a wise guy, the finest kind of home defense is preparation and prudence. To do this, you must evaluate your home from a burglar’s perspective and discover weak areas. There are steps you can do to ensure that your home is one of the last to be targeted by criminals. Believe it or not, these scumbags seek out the simplest targets and often avoid well-guarded premises.

Preparedness for home defense may spare you from an unpleasant situation such as being robbed. It’s distressing because you’re not expecting to see a stranger at the place where you feel the most secure in the world; the place where you nurture your children and teach them how to deal with life’s challenges. Therefore, when the time comes, you must be prepared to kick individuals who have the audacity to enter your home uninvited.

Best Home Defense Tactics: How to Avoid a Robbery

As previously said, the best home defense is readiness. To begin preparing, begin now by making your house more safe. Experiment with stepping outside your comfort zone and conducting a thorough assessment of your home. Consider points of entry and how to make it as difficult as possible for a thief to commit a crime. Many house attackers aim for simple targets and abandon their search if they are unable to get entry.

Take the following procedures to make your residence nearly impenetrable as a target:

  • Install motion sensor lights to cover each ground-floor door and window. Thus, if an intruder attempts to enter at night, these lights can induce a change of spirit in the perpetrator’s thinking.
  • On a sturdy door, install a well-made deadbolt lock. These are rather difficult to break, and a petty burglar is unlikely to attempt it. They may be a little pricey, but they are well worth the investment when it comes to your home’s security.
  • Reinforce your door frame with kick-resistant plates that are specifically developed for this purpose. It is not always sufficient to have a sturdy door; you must additionally reinforce the frame, as this is the first door part to fail under pressure.
  • Spare no expense when purchasing a home alarm system. Consider one equipped with sensors and video surveillance. This way, you’ll be able to see who’s at the door and install more cameras to monitor other areas of the house. We have a few excellent evaluations of the finest house alarm system, so be sure to read them!
  • Consider purchasing a guard dog. A well-trained dog may provide the ideal level of protection, deterring intruders and alerting you to guests. There are locations where you may obtain a guard dog that has already been trained. Before you make this choice, consult with your entire family to ensure that everyone is on board. A dog entails an additional level of responsibility around the house.
  • Sliding doors that are secure. These are the weakest parts of your house, as they may be readily pushed open. Solicit the assistance of a specialist to assist you with securing those doors as part of your home defense strategy.
  • Overnight, leave a light on – this is the oldest trick in the book. From the street, it seems as though someone is still awake, and most criminals will avoid entering a residence where someone is still awake. Additionally, if someone does break in, you’ll have a light to see what’s going on.
  • In front of the home, trim the shrubs and shrubberies. While it’s wonderful to have a shaded garden during the summer, they provide the ideal hiding place for robbers. It makes no difference if you have sensor lights and surveillance systems in place if the criminals are concealed by bushes.
  • Create a secure room. If you select this route, attempt to include the safe room into the construction of the house to avoid having to rebuild. In any case, this chamber can defend you and your family from bloodthirsty attackers.
  • Build a large fence – your house will be more difficult to see from the street. There are more astute thieves who like to examine their targets first in order to choose the best location for a quick and simple attack.
  • As you can see, there are numerous ways to make our home more secure and intruder-resistant. Nonetheless, these are intended to scare away any petty robbers who are not interested in stealing prepared people. For more sophisticated culprits, you’ll need more sophisticated home defense methods, which is what we’ll discuss next.

Best Home Defense Tactics: What to do if an intruder enters your home

The first component in your collection of home defense measures must be planning. When confronted with an assailant intent on harming you or a member of your family, there is no time for reaction or creativity. The majority of people who do not prepare for an encounter with an armed or hostile stranger in their own home freeze. Before you have a chance to reconsider, the worst-case scenario occurs and someone is harmed. How will you reconcile yourself with the fact that you permitted a stranger to cause harm to your family?

Therefore, develop a home protection and self-defense strategy. Discuss it with your family and devise a plan. After completing the theoretical component, begin the practice phase: test and retest the plan, revise it in light of the testing results, remember it, and practice it at least twice a year. When someone has the audacity to attempt to break into your home, you will all know what to do.

Your strategy should incorporate the following home security measures:

  • Escape routes from the attacker – if evading the attack and avoiding confrontation with the attacker is possible, do so. Once you are safely outside, contact the police to report the invasion of your home. This manner, you are allowing law enforcement agencies to do their jobs and apprehend the criminal ones. To prevent this, always ensure that you have at least three escape routes and that everyone is aware of them.
  • These escape routes must be instinctive, as everyone must know where to go as quickly as possible in the event of an assault. When you hear an odd noise downstairs that does not fit with your normal house noises, immediately leave! Why are there three escape routes? The logic is straightforward: if you have just one escape, the assailant will block it, trapping you and your family inside.
  • If there are two exits, only one should be used since the attacker will block the other. If there are three exits, you may select one. Additionally, you have a better chance of escaping if there are two assailants.
  • Meeting locations and activities following your escape – your escape plan may succeed totally or partially, implying that only one member of your family may escape at a time. If this occurs, everyone must know where to get assistance. If all goes well and you all leave through various exits, agree on a rendezvous location.
  • Create hiding spots – a backup plan in the event that escape is impossible. Teach your family how and where to conceal themselves so that assailants cannot locate them. Additionally, encourage them to maintain their composure and to take advantage of every opportunity they have to flee and contact the police. Teach yourself and your family how to construct barricades: for instance, how to barricade a door to prevent an intruder from entering. This may provide you enough time to escape out the window and alert others to your predicament.
  • While it is not encouraged to use firearms carelessly, they may be incredibly effective in some situations. Purchase a protection gun and keep it in a secure location out of reach of youngsters.
  • Additionally, you must be able to readily access and load it. If required, take shooting courses and learn how to fire a gun while under assault. Assure that the house has at least two weapons and that the other adult in the house understands how to use them. This manner, if you live to investigate strange noises, you won’t leave your family vulnerable and at the mercy of whoever is in the house. Additionally, read our article on the best handgun for home defense to choose the appropriate firearm to use.
  • Clean your guns – Having a defensive gun does not mean purchasing one and locking it up in a safe out of reach of youngsters. You must exercise it, clean it, and maintain it on a regular basis. A malfunctioning firearm is a greater threat to your safety than the assailant.
  • Create self-defense weapons — educate everyone how to defend themselves with a shovel or a foot stool. Sometimes you can’t reach your gun (or you don’t have one), but that doesn’t mean you can’t make due with what you have. We have an excellent article on DIY self-defense weapons where you can learn how to utilize various household items in the event of an assault.
  • Notify authorities – as soon as you detect an intruder in your home, phone the national emergency number (911 in the United States of America) and notify authorities. Maintain an open channel of communication and pay attention to the operator. They can advise you until the police come, and the 911 tape is admissible in court as proof (if it gets there).
  • The confrontation – if there is no way to avoid confronting the assailant before the authorities come, fight back with everything you’ve got. Avoid being harmed by guarding reasonable sections of your body and attempting to strike the attacker as hard as possible. Additionally, it would be beneficial if you were familiar with a few self-defense methods, and we have an excellent essay on this subject — you can read it here.
  • If the attacker begins to retreat after a few blows, it is advisable to release him. You will have the option of providing the police with his or her description, and they will apprehend the individual. Still, if he refuses to back down and his wrath grows, this is your cue to strike him hard and fast.
  • Avoid using the handgun unless absolutely necessary, but make your decision quickly. If you truly believe your life and the well-being of your family are in jeopardy, do not hesitate.

Best Home Defense Tactics: The safe room

When you are unable to flee and cannot resist your assailant without being seriously injured, a safe room is the ideal answer (and the last). Safe rooms are classified into two types:

  • A unique chamber with solid concrete walls and an impenetrably locked door.
  • A regular room in your house in which you may block the door to keep invaders away. It is preferable if this room is located upstairs (assuming you have an upper level), since this will allow you to access it while you flee from the assailants.
  • Whatever style of safe room you choose, it’s a good idea to have one just in case. Incorporate this conversation into your home defense strategy and ensure that everyone understands how to use it. Additionally, you should carry at least one weapon, some supplies, and a phone to notify the authorities while at this location. If you’re staying in a standard room, ensure that you have a way to leave the window by a later. Even with a highly efficient barricade, an inside door will not endure long.

Food and fresh water must be stored in a properly built safe room, and you must be able to contact with authorities if you become trapped within. In use, the safe room is quite similar to the firearm. If you keep it maintained and ensure that you always have everything you need inside, it will be quite handy. Otherwise, it may become your tomb, as no one knows how to rescue you and the assailants can wait in the home until you emerge.

Construction of a safe room

Numerous individuals should have their human license revoked. Not only do these creatures violate the sanctity of your house by barging in and upsetting your whole existence, but they also feed on your anguish and sorrow.

Numerous house invasions end in tragedy because the scammers who broke in were either intoxicated or drugged and chose to have a bit extra “fun” with the entire family. This type of person exists, and if you close your eyes today, you may regret it later. They might be your neighbors (you never know) or complete strangers who accompany you home from the grocery. Whatever the scenario, you must be prepared and know how to react and protect what is most important to you.

As a father and husband, you have the primary duty for the protection of your family, but everyone should be competent of self-defense. That is why it is critical to educate your life partner how to efficiently discharge a pistol and to enroll your children in self-defense classes. Each member of your family should understand how hazardous individuals may be (especially when they force their way in your house).

You do not have to be a wealthy family to find oneself in a difficult situation, so do not assume that robbers target just affluent families. While it is true that thieves who are just interested in costly items target the wealthy, there are other sorts of human rejects who are simply interested in inflicting suffering. After reading this, it’s time to act and begin preparing for your home defense immediately!