What kind of clothes should you wear in a jungle?

It can be difficult to know what to dress in a tropical rainforest. Do you just bring your usual travel gear and hope for the best? Is it better to invest in jungle clothing designed for the tropics? What kind of clothes should you wear in a jungle?

In this post, I’ll give my recommendations for the best tropical rainforest gear to keep you comfortable, fashionable, and stylish when jungle trekking in locations like the Amazon rainforest or the Costa Rican jungles.

What kind of clothes should you wear in a jungle?

In a jungle, you should wear these kinds of clothes:

  • Long-sleeved tops
  • Light sweaters or cardigans
  • Light Scarf
  • Sun Hat
  • Long waterproof trousers/pants
  • Pyjamas
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Hiking Boots
  • Raincoat
  • Socks

1. Long-sleeved tops

For a reason, long-sleeved shirts, t-shirts, or tops are the first item on this list of jungle clothes! Rainforests and rainforests are teeming with creepy crawlies and mosquitos eager to prey on your arms. Sleeves will not only protect you from biting insects, but will also shield the sun’s rays from burning your skin.

For the most comfort, choose long-sleeved tops made of cotton or other lightweight, quick-drying fabrics. You’re going to sweat, so this will keep you as cool as possible while yet protecting you.

Very thin button-down shirts worn over a tank top will help keep you cool, but keep in mind that some insects can bite through thin fabric, so they may not provide adequate protection.

2. Light sweaters or cardigans

Warm clothing like sweaters may seem strange to include on a list of jungle hiking apparel, but it may get cold in the forest, especially at high altitudes. The cloud woods of Costa Rica are a fantastic illustration of this, as I could happily wear four garments to stay warm.

Even if you are traveling to more equatorial locations where the humidity and heat can be unpleasant, bringing thin hoodies or sweaters that you can layer up is a great idea. Wearing a thin sweater or cardigan over a tank top in the evenings after a cold shower will also prevent biting insects off your arms and shoulders.

3. Light Scarf

While jungle walking, a large light scarf will come in handy. In addition to shielding your neck from the heat and insects during the day, you may unfold the scarf to cover your shoulders, use as a sarong, or use as a blanket when traveling or in buildings with extremely powerful air conditioning.

4. Sun Hat

Sun hats are crucial rainforest clothing. A wide-brimmed hat will shield your eyes and head from the sun, while a waterproof baseball cap will do the same and more. If your raincoat does not have a hood, or if you choose not to wear it up all the time, a cap will keep rain out of your eyes during rainstorms.

5. Long waterproof trousers/pants

Long trousers or pants will protect your legs from mosquito bites and creepy crawlies on the ground for the same reason that long-sleeved tops are essential clothing to wear in the rainforest. Cropped trousers or shorts are futile because it is best to protect your entire leg.

Choose lightweight materials that wick away sweat and keep your legs cool. Anything that is overly tight, such as leggings, will make you excessively hot. If you’re concerned about insects getting inside your pants, tuck them inside your socks.

We’d heard that waterproof trousers would be useful, but even in the worst of downpours, our trousers didn’t become too wet. However, if you must bring waterproof trousers, you may probably get away with just one pair.

6. Pyjamas

Pack a light cotton long-sleeved top and bottoms for wearing in bed at night. Mosquitoes, after all, are most active at night! Despite the heat, pyjamas that are meant to keep you cool while also protecting you from biting insects will keep you comfortable.

7. Comfortable Shoes

When you’re not trekking or hiking through the jungle, it’s a good idea to have a pair of comfortable shoes on hand to give your feet a break from rigid hiking boots. They will be quite useful for traveling, going out to eat at your hotel, or seeing tourist spots outside of the jungle.

8. Hiking Boots

A vacation to the rainforest or jungle usually entails long walks and hikes across rough terrain. As a result, it’s critical to bring a pair of robust hiking boots that are both comfy and supportive of your feet.

Make sure to buy a pair well in advance of your vacation so you can break them in. After all, you don’t want terrible blisters the first time you wear them in the jungle! Blister plasters should still be brought with you to keep you comfortable.

9. Raincoat

Raincoats are a must-have in the rainforest. After all, it’s in the name! Though it may seem basic, make sure you purchase a waterproof clothing. Some coats are labeled as showerproof, yet water may still leak in through the seams, leaving you drenched. It’s also a good idea to pick a lightweight, breathable raincoat that will keep you cool during a humid rainfall and will fit easily into your backpack once it’s through.

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It may be tempting to choose a raincoat with a unique pattern or bright colors, but insects are drawn to these colors, so this is not a smart choice. Greens and beige are the ideal colors to use.